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An apartment building is usually a smaller version of an apartment building or group of houses. The benefits of having access to a cooperative are many, including: lower maintenance fees, less risk of costly repairs, and more privacy from other tenants. However, owning your own home isn’t for everyone. If you’re considering buying a condo as your primary home or are looking for alternatives for those who prefer smaller living spaces over large apartments, read on to learn more about the pros and cons of owning a condo as your primary residence.

What is a condominium?

An apartment building is a collection of residential, commercial or industrial units in which the common areas are shared by all owners. Condominiums can be apartments, townhouses, lofts, or even offices and shops. Common facilities in an apartment building may include gardens, swimming pools, gymnasiums and parking areas. In some urbanized areas, condominiums are even located on several floors of a building

Advantages of the condominium

Condo benefits include lack of responsibility for maintenance and access to common services and facilities such as pools, gyms, and picnic areas. This means that you don’t have to spend time or money maintaining a home, particularly if you own an apartment in the city. Additionally, condos have access to all the amenities the condo facility offers, which can be very convenient.

Cons of the condominium

A condominium has several advantages, but also some disadvantages. Of the advantages, the main one is the proximity to the common areas. In a condominium, in fact, the common areas are shared with other residents and therefore many services are available, such as the swimming pool, gym and garden. Furthermore, the maintenance of the common areas is usually the responsibility of the condominium administrator and therefore does not involve expenses for the individual owner. Among the disadvantages of a condominium must be considered the greater difficulty in managing privacy compared to other types of homes such as an independent villa. Furthermore, in the event of disputes between condominiums or problems within the real estate units, it can be more complex to find an agreement to resolve the problem.