Simple Steps to Make Your House Attractive to Buyers When Selling

How to Sell Your House

If you’re going to sell your current-home and move into a new one, it’s important that you make your house attractive to buyers. This will help make the process easier, faster, and smoother. Find out more by going here

What follows is a simple list of things you can do while house hunting–or while preparing to put your home up for sale-to make it more attractive.

Step 1: Create a List of Your Personal Home Decor Preferences

Every person has their own idea of what constitutes beautiful decorating styles. As such, you need to create a list of everything that makes your house a home.

The way you do this is through a walk-through of your house with a realtor. If you have a friend or relative who lives in another location, they can come through and walk through your house on their own. You can use a pen to write down everything they notice; if you have kids, tell them to draw pictures of the rooms where they saw things that made them happy.

Step 2:  Gather Inspiration for Home Decorating

Now that you have a list of things that make your house your home, it’s time to step outside and do some research on what other people are doing.

If you love the look of open floor plans, check out other designs and layouts. Take note of anything you like and want to recreate in your own house.

Step 3:  Make Minor, Affordable Upgrades

No one is going to buy a house as-is because they plan on keeping it up for themselves. Therefore, it makes sense to give your house a little makeover.  For this purpose, you can upgrade lighting or flooring. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on the perfect blend of wood and paint to make the rooms feel bigger or more beautiful; an inexpensive change that will stand out is all that’s required.

Step 4:  Hire a Home Stager

A home stager will visit your home and make recommendations on how to improve its appearance. What they do is focus on visual appeal through strategic furniture placements and other design-savvy techniques. They can make your bathroom look clean and uncluttered, for example, even if it really is the total opposite. This helps give the illusion that you have a well-kept home, even if it’s not entirely accurate.