Sell your house with proper documentation.

sell your house

Selling a home will be due to many reasons like the need for money or buying some other house, etc. It is essential to have a hassle-free and smooth home selling journey hence you must have all the required documents like the title deed and building plan, etc. This article will provide you with all the information on the documents required to sell a house. Also, check out for some detailed information.

Required documents for selling a house:

Whether it is an old house or new property it is important to have all the documents handy before deciding to sell the property to have a hassle-free transfer. These documents include:

  1. Sale deed: a sale deed is a legal document providing evidence that the transfer and sale of the property are in favour of the buyer. A sale deed includes details like the name, address, age and occupation and information of property like location, area, date of possession and sale amount, etc. In the case of resale, you need to provide a sales deed since it is evidence of your legal ownership, and you have the right to sell the property.
  2. Building plan: a building approval copy from the proper authority can save from future troubles since the building plan is proof of property construction authorisation.
  3. Encumbrance certificate: this certificate is evidence that the property is free from monetary and legal liabilities like home loans. It also consists of the detailed transaction history for the past twelve years.
  4. Completion certificate:
  • Provides the security that the property is constructed with an approved plan.
  • Spares from legal procedures.
  • It is illegal to reside in the property without obtaining an occupancy certificate( OC).
  • The completion certificate is a prerequisite for availing electricity and water connections.

sell your house

Bank approvals in case of loans, patta and khata certificates are other documents required to submit while selling a house. Check out the website for some more details

Finally, all the necessary details and documents must be handy before selling your home to have a smooth experience. Many websites offer platforms to sell houses, so you can refer and log in to the website for further help. Gather more information from the website