Points to know before selling a house in Washington

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Situations arise where it wasn’t intended need to sell a residence. In Spanaway, one can be at risk of going to auction or suffering foreclosure. Maybe one is seeking to sell a Lakewood property with a lieoneonede violation. One can sell any property for cash without incurring commissions, fees, or closing costs, including houses, apartments, condos, duplexes, townhouses, mobile homes, and unimproved land. No pricey repairs need to be done first.

Neither new carpet installation nor hiring a painter are necessary—no need to spend much money on real estate photography or worry about curb appeal.

Property can be sold in different conditions, like if the seller has inherited a house and wants to sell it before it gets probated, if the house is in such a condition that a high rate of repairs is needed, which is not feasible by the seller. Also, there might be conditions of separation between individuals and situations of divorce arising. The unhealthy and prolonged controversial terms with the tenant could also be one of the reasons.

Even though it is in poor condition, cash can be paid for the house. Without having to wait for approval from anyone, it can be dealt with the seller right away, and payment of cash for the house can be made as soon as feasible.

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No uncertainties-

Once the house is sold, the offer is closed. If the circumstances arise, the time can be extended to 7 days for closing. 

Zero fixes-

Avoid dealing with unreliable contractors and spending months on repairs—no requirements for repairing the place.

No agent-

Check out a cash offer before committing to a listing agreement with an agent. Contingencies, open houses, and inspections are overrated. Today, the property can be purchased. No bartering. No costs.

A cash offer for the property shall be passed. Paying cash for mobile homes and condos is also provided. The cause of the state is irrelevant. No judgment shall be passed.