Payment methods for buying a house abroad

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As for the payment methods, you will have to choose whether to open an account abroad or pay with cash, bearing in mind that it is not possible to carry more than 10,000 euros per person undeclared or make an international transfer . Banks usually charge a surcharge on the exchange rate.

This is a margin that does not go unnoticed even for small, notoriously expensive foreign exchange transactions. So let’s not talk about what the impact of currency exchange can be in transactions of large amounts , such as the payment connected to the purchase of a house

Buying a house abroad: the countries in which it is worth investing

There are many places in the world where it is convenient to buy a second home .

Many of these are particularly popular due to the positive activity of the real estate markets, others due to a lower cost of living than in Italy. In other cases, we observe countries with evident economic growth.

Thanks to a strong dedicated incentive policy, the property market has undergone a sharp rise in property values ​​and in some areas the price of houses has reached staggering heights.

With an average fixed rate of 1.5%, it has a property market that has grown sharply since 2010, the year in which apartment prices have dropped by up to 30%. House prices have returned to their 2004 level and show no sign of rising again for now.

We should also underline a whole series of recent legislative reforms adopted by the government which allow all foreigners who make one or more real estate purchases for an amount equal to or greater than 500 thousand euros to obtain a definitive residence permit.

Always a real estate refuge for those who had a nest egg, Few countries could present an excellent prospect for you who are looking for a good investment abroad. In particular, t puthe capital, allows excellent incomes both for those who want to rent to students and for those who are looking for a traditional tenant.

Furthermore, the price per square meter of the properties is very convenient and the taxation is currently very interesting.