Mini Guide To AC Services And Maintenance

air conditioning repairs

How frequently should an individual’s air conditioner be serviced?

The system should be serviced at least once annually and periodically inspected up to four times annually, depending on a particular system. Experts advise setting up a consultation with a reputable HVAC service provider that carries credentials like MSCA Star. A reputable service provider may design a service plan to fit specific budgetary needs and maintain their system operating effectively based on the age, size, and usage of their system.

 Different Air Conditioner Service Types

There are typically two ways to service an AC unit.

  1. Regular maintenance

During routine AC maintenance, the technician cleans the filters to get rid of contaminants and circulate clean air in the space. For the air conditioner to operate without interruption, all air conditioner manufacturers advise scheduling routine maintenance once a year.

  1. Jet maintenance

The indoor cooling coils, blades, and blower wheels as well as the indoor cooler drain tray cleaning with an AC jet pump are all included in the Jet or Wet Service in addition to the filter cleaning. The technician then checks the drain pipes and coils for any gas leaks.

How can one make sure an AC unit lasts as long as possible?

Having your system routinely maintained by a technician is the finest thing one can do to extend its lifespan. Here are a few other pointers for simple actions customers may do to prevent expensive air conditioning repairs:

  • Prevent leaves and other debris from accumulating near an outdoor air conditioner. This straightforward step maintains airflow channels open and stops dirt from clogging the system.
  • Make sure air grills and ductwork are not blocked while planning furniture layouts and carpeting installations.
  • To block heat in the summer, cover windows with blinds and shades that face west and south.
  • Reduce the amount of time one spends on the air conditioning by using programmable thermostats.

 The Conclusion

While having an AC repaired is crucial, hiring a dependable and qualified professional is even more crucial. During the sweltering summer months, the majority of people depend largely on their air conditioners. Visit to know more.