Many Ohioans Opt For Natural Gas As Their Fuel Of Choice

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Approximately 3.3 million residential customers across the state rely on natural gas to provide home heating. A large number of these homes also make use of natural gas to heat their water. In addition, more than six thousand industrial customers across the state rely on natural gas to power their equipment.

The good news is that many of these homes have the option to search for a better deal on their natural gas supply. Since the deregulation process was implemented the energy industry has opened up to the consumer. This gives Ohioans access to several different suppliers, each with their own unique pricing plans.

Price To Compare is a excellent website to compare rates. It lets you search for the best rate by entering your zip code, and then selecting a specific provider. You can also make use of the CHOICE(r), calculator to compare the various pricing options.

You can also sign up for an Energy Plan to gain a greater understanding of the market. These plans are designed to reduce fluctuations in your energy costs. Many of these plans allow you to lock in your rate over a longer period of time. For winter heating costs budgeting fixed rate plans can be very helpful.

You can also look for alternatives that are renewable. In fact, 3% of the total electricity generated in the state is predicted to be generated by renewable energy sources in 2020. If you are concerned about the environmental impact of your electricity provider, consider switching to a supplier that uses renewable resources.

The cost of energy in Ohio is influenced by the supply and demand of the market. If you choose to go with an option with a fixed rate can anticipate lower prices in the long run. You might also want to look into a reliable provider when you are not sure about the reliability of your local utility.

One of the biggest companies providing natural gas in the state are Duke Energy and Columbia Gas. Both companies have distribution networks that cover more than 1.6 million customers. Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio is a different large-scale energy provider, offering services to more than one million people.

The Ohio Public Utilities Commission has played a significant part in regulating Ohio’s energy market. This agency is responsible for enforcing consumer protections and ensuring that consumers are able to make their own decisions about energy services.

Despite Ohio’s small market, there are still many suppliers who can be competitive. Ohioans are not uncommon to pay less for natural gas providers than in other states.

Constellation Energy is another major provider. For the next five years, Constellation is expected to be the highest ranked natural gas company in the state. Constellation is known for its competitive rates and high customer satisfaction.