Don’t want to spend money before getting a cash offer from the buyer of your house.

selling your house?

Sometimes you may be facing upside down in life, owning a house that needs repairs that you can’t pay for, a mortgage, or have inherited an unwanted property whatever may be the situation, in which you have decided to sell your house and don’t want to spend money upon it. But, selling a house is not an easy task it is a very time taking and stressful process in which you need to spend thousands of dollars for selling your house. You need to pay a commission of about 6% to the real estate agent and 2% on average is paid by you, the seller as Closing Costs of the deal. Along with all these, you also have to spend money on repairing your house and the whole process may take more than 90 days to complete in which the closing date may be after 30 to 60 of accepting the buyer’s offer. also has to go through many house showings for selling the house depending on the number of potential buyers that contacts you.

Put an end to all the stress and hassle of selling a house on your own or listing with an agent. Save time and money by selling directly to Missouri valley homes. It ensures you sell your house faster in As Little As 12 Days and save the commission fees. Unlike traditional buyers you don’t need to pay any closing charges and repair costs of the house, this company buys your house as it is you don’t even need to clean your house. Hence, putting more cash in your pocket. You can choose the closing date according to your convenience and the deal finalizes on that day. When you contact the company and submit the short property information form, the company gives you a fair and quick cash offer on your house within 24 -48 hours. Missouri valley homes profit comes from fixing up your house and going through the hassles on their own to sell it.