Distinctions in the law and culture

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Whether you work with German companies or conduct business in Germany, you will frequently encounter variances in the law and culture. They emerge while drafting contracts, forming a corporation, hiring employees, forming joint ventures, or resolving disputes. The international German Desk specializes in providing legal advice and help to Dutch and German customers in their cross-border business.

We have already assisted countless businesses in successfully operating in Germany. Our Dutch attorneys are experts in the subject of Dutch law. Our lawyers have a solid reputation in the Netherlands for disputes and civil court actions, business contract law, liability law, and product compliance and regulation (CE marking). Deutsch-niederländische Anwalt in den Niederlanden lawyers is regarded as the premier specialist law company in the Netherlands for the manufacturing industry in several areas. We are familiar with the legal problems that all stakeholders in the supply chain face as a result of our sector-based approach. This allows us to efficiently respond to new rules, understand new advances within the industry, and have a clear picture of the interests of parties.

We have years of experience in each area of specialization and are delighted to assist you further. Do you require the services of a contract lawyer or a litigation attorney in the Netherlands? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Dutch law is a complicated and well-organized framework that provides legal certainty to both individuals and companies. It is divided into three branches: the judiciary, the legislature, and the executive. Dutch law covers a wide range of topics, including civil law, criminal law, labor law, tax law, and environmental law, making it critical for anybody doing business or residing in the Netherlands to comprehend this complex framework.

Needs a Lawyer

We serve both foreign and domestic clients at MAAK Advocaten in Amsterdam. Commercial and corporate contracts are critical in business transactions; when you need legal counsel who is well-versed in Dutch law as well as someone who is knowledgeable about your industry, MAAK Advocaten is ready to assist.

We take a sector-based strategy at our firm and are excited to support your national and worldwide aspirations and difficulties. Furthermore, our knowledge of Dutch regulations ensures that businesspeople with Dutch business partners are aware of certain unique issues while negotiating or drafting contracts under Dutch law.

While doing business with Dutch parties, keep in mind that enforceable agreements can be established during talks and before the contract is finalized. Additionally, linguistic limitations and a different corporate culture may lead to misconceptions during contract talks in The Netherlands, whether for new collaboration or dispute resolution. For additional information, please contact one of our attorneys in the Netherlands.

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